Rebecca R Peel

Kissing Spine

August 24th - Sept 28th

I am flipping a coin. I drop it into the snow. I return to where I assume it fell, sink my hand into the knifeblade incision it made, but of course, it has vanished.

Instead, a Dairy Queen.

Inside, a man writing.

It’s a pity Walter Benjamin never got around to writing an anatomy of memory, with attention paid to the way our memories function – or don’t – at different stages of life.

“May I ask you,” I begin sheepishly, “did she .. “ I trail off. There’s an amorphous shadow outside the window. I try to ignore it, but I watch it undulate in the periphery. “Did she, was she in pain?” I manage finally.

“Yes. Kissing spine,” he responds.

“Would death have been better?”

“For me or for her?”

He sits in silence, moves his gaze downward and resumes his work.

Those who survive are anachronisms, and they know it. Most of them live in suburban hells…

I leave the Dairy Queen. I find myself unable to utter anything except a rhythmic, Gregorian alternation of the following phrases:

All we know (sic) is all we are

Horas non numero nisi serenas.

Rebecca R Peel (b. 1990) is currently living in Colorado at 10,500ft. She received her BFA from Pacific Northwest College of Art in 2013 and has most recently exhibited her personal work in Portland, Jackson, Los Angeles, Toronto, Detroit, San Francisco, and New York City. Additionally, she has self-published four books of poetry to date.

Priceless Advice x 248,160 2019

hand twisted barbed wire, hand-collected moose hair, mementos from the family home

Recent Revisions to the Ever-Evolving Perfection 2019

cotton, nylon chairlift straps, flashlight, knife, paracord

In my Father's Defense 2019

magazines from personal collection, dust, imprint

Tinder 2019

13 collectible Woody dolls

Trudge On, Shuffle Off, Take it Easy 2019

sun-bleached goggle sack, paracord, hickory-smoked bone

Aphelion of our Orbit 2019

sun-bleached gift box and towel, all-weather ski wax, head-lamp, medical tape, regurgitated remains

Ecstacy on the Moolecular Level 2019

cotton, nylon chairlift straps, flashlight, map, knife

Seasonal Solitude 2019

burris target, inkjet prints, magnets, memory foam

Memos on Memory 2019

burris target, inkjet prints, magnets, memory foam

Mole End